Muzizi Hydro Power project is located along Muzizi River in the District of Kibaale. The project foot prints however extends to Kabarole, Kyenjojo and Ntooroko districts in the western part of Uganda 6km south-east of Lake Albert and will be implemented as a Public Project. The diversion hydroelectric project has a gross head of 460 m and a discharge of approx.12 m³/s; it consists of the following main facilities:
• Access roads, operator’s housing, infrastructure
• Concrete weir structure and reservoir;
• 3 to 4 km long concrete headrace channel (alternatives presently under consideration include a buried pipe          and a tunnel/shaft)
• Surge bay / surge chamber
• Approx. 1km steel penstock, diameter approx. 2 m.
• Powerhouse containing 2 to 3 Pelton turbine/generator sets and tailrace channel
• High voltage switchyard and 6 km transmission line
• Balance of Plant

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