As a way of engaging with the community surrounding it and giving back to them, UEGCL has been involved in several activities among which include;


  UEGCL In 2002, UEGCL under the Environment Restoration Project came up with an idea of the tree planting project in      Kyaggwe, NyengaSub County, Buseberera, Buikwe District along the shores of Lake Victoria. The goal of this project was to compensate for the environmental effects on the canal during the construction of the Owen Falls Extension Project and also be a demonstration tree plantation project in that area to encourage the surrounding community to take up tree planting.

UEGCL gives out free seedlings of three spiceis that is pine, musizi an eucalyptus to members of a local association called Environmental Conservation Agriculture and Tree Planting Initiative Association (ECATPIA) formed as a vehicle through which UEGCLcould interact with the local community. About 31 acres have been occupied with pine.

This project has boasted the economic status of the surrounding community and has also helped in conserving the environment around the areas of Lake Victoria. To date, there about 25 members of the Environmental Conservation Agriculture and Tree Planting Initiative Association (ECATPIA)have developed about 68 acres.

UEGCL did commit itself to give back to the local community around the generation facility in Jinja and one of the activities under taken was street lighting. UEGCL installed street lights around the areas of Amber court, Kimaka, Kaitabawala and Buwenda in Jinja District. The lights have helped to improve on the security of the areas mentioned,Increased Sense of Security and also changed the physical view. These lights will be handed over to the authorities of Jinja Municipal Council for their maintenance.

KIIRA Primary School is located in Amber court and it is under UPE. This school was relocated during the construction of KIIRA Power Station. UEGCL gave the school computers to facilitate the smooth running of the school affairs and also teach the pupils some of the computer basics. The hand over was conducted by UEGCL management and the school administration.

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