Relevance to the Business
Oversight of the operations and maintenance of the complex.
Completion and installation of U14&15 at KIIRA Power Station.
Rehabilitation of Nalubaale Power Station.
Review and approval of changes in the operating modalities of the concession.
Safety surveillance of civil and dam structures at both power plants.

Relevance to the Business
Ensuring UEGCL assets are properly recorded, maintained, insured and accounted for.
Monitoring financial soundness of the concessionaire.
Ensuring that all planned activities are implemented.
Ensuring proper computation, collection and disbursement of concession fee to government

Relevance to the Business
Responsible for the Legal and Regulatory health of the Business
Provision of Corporate Secretarial support to the Board of Directors
Supporting the Business’s operations and services through negotiationand drafting of contracts and dispute resolution.
Liaison between the Company and the other sector players, regulatorsand other Government agencies.
Monitoring of and lobbying for changes in legal and regulatory regimeswhich have impact on the business.
Management of the external lawyers – services and performance
Provision of legal advisory support to the Board, Management and staffof the Company

Relevance to the Business
Image building and visibility of the Company because ultimately thecompany depends on its reputation for survival and success.
Create an internal communication strategy in line with the organization’s business requirements, organizational systems and a practical action plan.
Creating a sense of identity and belonging for the employees and all stake holders.
Writing and editing of in-house magazines, case studies, speeches, articles and annual reports.
Convey the policies and interests of the organization to the public through various forms of media and maintain the reputation of the company.
Collating and analyzing media coverage on behalf of the company.
Maintaining and updating information on the organization’s website and other areas of corporate identity.
Fostering community relations through the involvement in community initiatives.
Preparing and supervising the production of publicity brochures, handouts, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, photographs, films and multimedia programmes.
Promoting the Company’s accountability to its stakeholders

Relevance to the Business
Supports the operations of the business in a bid to meet the overall strategicobjectives through planned and timely procurement and disposal processes that promote continuity of operations and ultimately yield value for money.

Relevance to the Business
Provides networked Systems for the business. Promotes efficiency and effectiveness in communication. Supports communication, coordination and cooperation within the company and between the company and its customers, suppliers and partners. Committed to transforming the Company into a web enabled Organization.

Relevance to the Business
Provides Management and the Audit Committee of the Board with theassurance as to the adequacy and effectiveness of the system of internalfinancial and IT control throughout the Company.The role is part of the overall system of internal controls established by Management and the Board.

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