Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development on the 21st of November, 2016 handed over to Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited, UEGCL, ‘Deeds of Assignment for contract administration powers’ for the Karuma and Isimba Hydro Power Projects. UEGCL is the Government implementing agency for the generation component of the projects, while Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited UETCL, and is the implementing agency for the transmission line and sub-stations component of the projects. The Deeds of assignment are therefore the legal endorsement for UEGCL and UETCL to perform their mandate.

 “In the past, we noted that the contractors were not taking heed from UEGCL, because, legally, they signed the contract with the ministry. So these documents are a legal instruction to the contractors and supervising consultants to deal with UEGCL as the government representative,” Said Eng. Irene Muloni, Minister of Energy while handing over the deeds of assignment. “We expect that there shall be increased co-operation between all stakeholders so that we deliver these projects in Time, within budget and to the highest standards,” she added.

Sinohydro Corporation Limited is the contractor for Karuma while China Water and Electric Limited is the contractor for Isimba HPP. Energy Infratech Pvt Limited is the supervising consultant (Owner’s Engineer).

“Today’s event is a clarion call on the contractors and the Owner’s Engineer to work together with us (UEGCL and UETCL) as we go about the supervisory role on these projects as the authorised government implementing agencies,” Said Eng. Dr. Harrison Mutikanga, Chief Executive officer UEGCL, adding, “and we remain ready and ever committed in executing this role to a successful end.”

The 600 Megawat Karuma Hydro Power dam is estimated to cost approximately USD 1.7 billion while the 183 Megawatt Isimba Hydro Power dam is estimated to cost approximately USD 570 Million. Both hydro power stations are partly funded by Government of Uganda and the China Export Import (EXIM) Bank and are expected to be commissioned in the last quarter of 2018.

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