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Sustainably generate Reliable, quality and affordable Electricity for Socio- Economic Development

General Narrative

The 183MW Isimba Hydro Power Project (HPP) is located 4km downstream of Simba Falls on the River Nile, approximately 50km downstream of the Source of the Nile. The project site is about 21km from Kayunga Town as the nearest town and about 65km from Jinja Town. The Power Station will be installed with four vertical Kaplan turbine generator units with a capacity of 45.8MW per unit, thereby providing a combined installed capacity of 183.2MW.

Key Dates

  • 05th October 2013: Construction works launched by President Yoweri .K. Museveni
  • 30th April 2015 :  Project Commencement Date


Implementing Agency

Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited


China International Water & Electric Corporation

Project Duration

40 months

Project Cost

567.7 USD Million

Government of Uganda - 15%

EXIM Bank(Loan china) - 85%

Funding Agency

The People’s Republic of China

Owner's Engineer


Project Management Consultant (PMC)



183 MW

Expected Completion Date

August 2018

Project Status


Civil Works

Concrete works approx. 99.8%, gravity dams 1 & 2 completed, spillways 1 & 2 completed, tailrace apron completed, wall cladding of powerhouse building using masonry blocks ongoing, roofing works (roof truss and roof covering) completed, By the end of August 2017, Concreting of Unit 1, 2, 3 and 4 were at elevations 1045.45, 1045.45, 1043.71 and 1043.71 respectively. RED material placement of clay, coarse filter, fine filter, and rock fill is ongoing, LED foundation treatment completed. Placement of materials has commenced. Decoration works & tiling in the powerhouse is underway. The Amount of civil works certified as completed is 80.02% as at 30 April, 2018.


Electromechanical Works

EoT Crane installed and tested, upstream and downstream gantry cranes, cooling units are already delivered to the site. Approximately 80.35% of electromechanical works have been certified as completed.

Hydro mechanical works

Embedment works on all units and spillways completed, draft tubes, draft tube cones, lower spillway radial gates, draft tube gates, trash racks and hydraulic gates and hydraulic hoists installation completed. Approximately 95.71 % of the hydro-mechanical works have been certified as completed. Unit 1 stands at 97%, Unit 2 90%, Unit 3 50%, unit 4 (preparation to install guide vanes).

Transmission line

Design 99.5%, Concrete casting for tower foundations 149/149, Tower Erection 149/149, Tower Grounding 140/149, Cable & OPG Wire stringing (KM) out of 41.5; 28km is done. Works under this category to a tune of 83.41% have been certified as completed.

Percentage of All works completed

Total overall completed work is at 87%