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General Narrative: The 600Mw Karuma HPP is located on the Nile River in Kiryandongo District in mid-northern Uganda, 110km downstream of Lake Kyoga, and 270km from Kampala the Capital of Uganda..
Key Dates

  • 12th August 2013: Construction works launched by President Yoweri .K. Museveni
  • 16th December, 2013: Project Commencement Date

Implementing Agency

Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited


Sinohydro Corporation  Limited

Project Duration

60 months

Project Cost

U.S.D 1.7 Billion Dollars
Government of Uganda  - 15%
EXIM Bank (Loan China)  -  85%

Funding Agency

The People’s Republic of China

Owners Engineer

AF - Consult Switzerland Ltd

Project Management Consultant (PMC)




Expected Completion Date

December 2019

Project Status

The overall physical progress of works is estimated at 97.83% against the time spent of 87.8%. The sudden change in the planned time progress is attributed to the change of the project completion date from 31st Dec 2019 to 30th November 2020.

Civil Works

Dam, Spillways, and Intake structures 

Civil works for the Dam and Intake are at 99.9% and the major ongoing works entail embedment concrete for the tracks of the maintenance gantry crane, concrete for the pavement layer atop dam block #21, rock backfill downstream of dam block #19 and the section between the fishway and the training wall blocks 1 ~ 6. Final joint inspections have also been underway at multiple sections of the dam structure including protection concrete for the interface between the training wall of the diversion channel and the bottom of the channel.

HRT, Powerhouse, Surge Chamber, TRT


Works within the Headrace Tunnels are completed, awaiting water filling ahead of wet commissioning of Units 2# and 3#.


  • The operation room plaster is 100% complete for the interior and the exterior.
  • Application of putty is complete for low voltage distribution room, DG room, and tank room.


Granite tile installation ongoing for Units 1# ~3# at El.948.5m. Some tiles are de-bonded from the mortar bed, some have cracks and are of different thicknesses, and the setting of the tiles along the expansion joints is not as per the approved drawings.

Door installation works ongoing in the Auxiliary Powerhouse section. Decoration works (putty application and wall painting) ongoing at the Erection bay, and El.942.0m of the Main Powerhouse.

Main Transformer Cavern

1st stage finishing works stand at 95% against planned progress of 100%. Repair works for defective plaster are ongoing within the Cable Floor (El.958.0m) and MTC stairways 1#~3# (El.942.0~976.4m), but are completed within the Main Transformer Hall, El.948.55m. 2nd coat painting works are completed for Main Transformer rooms 2#, 3#, 5#, 6# and the reserve.

Electromechanical and Hydromechanical Works

The EM-HM works progressed well during the month of December;

Achievements realized during the month include;

  • OPU system commissioning for unit 5 ring gate.
  • Unit 5 main transformer bay commissioning
  • Unit 6 ring gate system hydro test; 1.4MPa pressure for 30 minutes
  • Unit 5 automatic water filter and Shaft seal water commissioning
  • Unit 5 G-T protection commissioning

Transmission lines

400kV Karuma - Kawanda line

400kV Karuma - Olwiyo line

132kV Karuma - Lira line

All on-going by UETCL

Percentage of All works completed

Total overall completed work is at 97.83%