Be the leading power producer in the Great Lakes Region
Sustainably generate Reliable, quality and affordable Electricity for Socio- Economic Development
General Narrative The 600Mw Karuma HPP is located on the Nile River in Kyandongo District in mid-northern Uganda, 110km downstream of Lake Kyoga, and 270km from Kampala the Capital of Uganda..
Key Dates
  • 12th August 2013: Construction works launched by President Yoweri .K. Museveni
  • 16th December, 2013: Project Commencement Date

Implementing Agency

Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited


China International Water & Electric Corporation

Project Duration

60 months

Project Cost

U.S.D 1.7 Billion Dollars
Government of Uganda  - 15%
EXIM Bank (Loan China)  -  85%

Funding Agency

The People’s Republic of China

Owners Engineer


Project Management Consultant (PMC)

AF - Consult Switzerland Ltd



Expected Completion Date

December 2018

Project Status


Civil Works

Dam: The structure concrete of No.1~No.15 Dam and Stilling 99.76%
Power intake: Excavation of Power Intake 100%
Structure concrete of No.1~No.6 intake tower 98%
Head Race Tunnel (HRT): The lining concrete in horizontal HRT 75%
HRT invert Concrete 91% Concrete construction in Pressure shafts 100%
TBT: The lining concrete of TBT 62.84%. TBT invert Concrete 86.25%
Power House Complex: Units concrete up to EL.948.55 55.61%
Main Transformer Cavern 81.48%
Surge Chamber: Tailrace Surge chamber 60%
Tailrace Tunnel (TRT): Crown Lining concrete 97.34%
TRT Invert Concrete 93%

Approximately 63.6% of the civil works have been certified as completed at March, 2018.

Electromechanical Works

Approximately 1% of electromechanical works have been certified as completed.

Hydro mechanical works

Approximately 11.3% of the hydro mechanical works have been certified as completed.

Transmission line

Transmission line is ongoing by UETCL.

Percentage of All works completed

Total overall completed work is at 76%