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General Narrative: The 600Mw Karuma HPP is located on the Nile River in Kiryandongo District in mid-northern Uganda, 110km downstream of Lake Kyoga, and 270km from Kampala the Capital of Uganda..
Key Dates

  • 12th August 2013: Construction works launched by President Yoweri .K. Museveni
  • 16th December, 2013: Project Commencement Date

Implementing Agency

Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited


Sinohydro Corporation  Limited

Project Duration

60 months

Project Cost

U.S.D 1.7 Billion Dollars
Government of Uganda  - 15%
EXIM Bank (Loan China)  -  85%

Funding Agency

The People’s Republic of China

Owners Engineer

AF - Consult Switzerland Ltd

Project Management Consultant (PMC)




Expected Completion Date

December 2019

Project Status

The overall physical progress of Karuma HPP is estimated at 94.58% as at end of May, 2019 against the time spent of 90.2%. There is a significant improvement in the installation of E-M Works followed by H-M Works. The civil works are substantively complete with the exception of Dam blocks 17 to 21 which shall be cast after river diversion.

Civil Works

Dam, Spillways, and Intake structures 

Dam and Intake concrete works stand at 100% for dam blocks 1 ~ 16. Preparation for diversion works by joint inspections were carried out for structures prior to diversion. Removal of the upstream second stage cofferdam was completed and construction of both the upstream and downstream 3rd stage cofferdams was completed. Dewatering of the diversion channel was completed and preliminary excavation works commenced on the 31st/05/2019. Construction works for the buried oil tank at the dam and backfilling works are ongoing at the intake.

HRT, Powerhouse, Surge Chamber, TRT

Tailrace Surge Chamber

Overall concrete works in the tailrace surge chamber (TSC) stand at 98.1%. The major works included installation of the draft tube maintenance gates #4~#6, defect repairs of the right TSC sidewalls and joint inspections in the right TSC.

Head Race Tunne

Joint inspections concluded for HRT 3# invert and overt. Defects crack repair and final accepted inspection still ongoing for HRTs 4# ~ 6#.


Painting works have commenced and are ongoing at Unit 3# El.942 of the Powerhouse and in BDT 3#.

Main Transformer Cavern

First stage finishing works (plaster repair works) completion has been delayed in the Main Transformer Hall. GIS Floor was handed over to the civil works team to conduct repairs on the cracked plaster – and EPCC actively engaged to ensure the protection of EM/HM equipment against damage and dust ingress.

Electromechanical and Hydromechanical Works

The EM-HM works have progressed well during the month of May. The major EM-HM works in the powerhouse included the lifting, lowering and installation of the unit#5 rotor, testing of Gas Insulated Switch Gear (GIS), and Assembly of unit6 rotor. There were no major EM-HM works at Dam & Intake. 

Transmission lines

400kV Karuma - Kawanda line

400kV Karuma - Olwiyo line

132kV Karuma - Lira line

All on-going by UETCL

Percentage of All works completed

Total overall completed work is at 94.58%