Be One of the leading Power Producers in the Great Lakes Region
Sustainably generate Reliable, quality and affordable Electricity for Socio- Economic Development


This is the UEGCL website, you will read about the tremendous steps we are taking in delivering our Vision and Mission. “To be one of the leading power producers in the Great Lakes Region” and “To sustainably generate reliable and affordable electricity for socio-economic development,” are our Vision and Mission respectively.

It is therefore with great pleasure that the management and staff of UEGCL commemorate the end of one planning cycle and transcend into another. At the beginning of the 2015-2017 planning cycle, the bar was set for UEGCL to commence its turnaround and growth from a predominantly concession-monitoring company to an executor of its mandate as enshrined in the Companies Act (Cap 110).

UEGCL faced unprecedented challenges in the previous planning cycle that included; inadequate budget financing for concession monitoring and conflicting roles and duplication of responsibilities for contract administration for Karuma and Isimba hydropower projects, leading to poor execution of the Projects. Despite the challenges, UEGCL made significant achievements in the past 3 years, including ensuring security of electricity supply through effective concession- monitoring of the Kiira and Nalubaale generation assets, enhanced project supervision of Karuma and Isimba flagship hydropower projects following MEMD’s Deed of Assignment, acquisition of a UEGCL home in Kampala, restructuring and alignment of organization and salary structure, staff recruitment, the achievement of ISO certification in tandem with international best practices, finance mobilization of Muzizi, rehabilitation of Nalubaale and development of other small hydropower projects.

Key milestone during the year was the undertaking of preparatory plans for the eventual Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the flagship hydropower plants under construction. This culminated in the Board approval of an O&M strategy and business model which is indigenous in nature, and which will result into efficient and cost effective operations capable of ensuring that UEGCL meets its mission and obligations including the servicing of loans.

As will be deduced, ours was a continuous quest in finding the right balance of growing the company amidst a constrained budget. Finding the right balance would not have been possible without the support of the Board, the shareholder ministry (MoFPED), the line ministry (MEMD), the regulator (ERA) and our development partners, mainly KFW and AFD. For your support, we are very grateful. The planning process for this Strategic Plan has been an inclusive one with wide participation. In summary therefore, the three years were fundamental and they laid a strong foundation in leap frogging the company to greater heights.

This 5-year Strategic Plan aims at strategically positioning the company to continue fulfilling its mandate and mission of providing reliable, quality and affordable electricity for social and economic development of the country.

Our focus for the next five years is based on the following five strategic themes;

  • Operational Excellence, aimed at ensuring that processes and services are executed in a safe timely, quality, value additive and cost effective manner
  • Stakeholder & Reputation Management, aimed at ensuring that stakeholder needs are continuously met
  • Sustainable Growth, aimed at growing our business portfolio and delivering consistently sound financial results.
  • Engaged Workforce, aimed at ensuring that our employees are empowered and accountable for their results Safety Excellence, aimed at ensuring that we manage our operations in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

For each of these themes, a number of strategic objectives have been developed together with company measures and targets, which will help to monitor progress of strategy execution. The company strategic objectives, measures and targets will be cascaded down to departmental and individual levels for clarity of roles and to enhance account

With the strategy effectively executed and the objectives attained, the following key milestones will be realized in the next five years.

  • Total installed capacity of 1292.1 MW
  • Plant availability of 97%
  • Plant reliability of 99%
  • Least cost of unit generation within the sector
  • Last but not least, resources will be aligned to ensure optimal usage and productivity.

It is therefore with pleasure that we look forward to the implementation of this Strategic Plan over the next five years.

We look to all our stakeholders for continued support during the execution of this Strategic Plan, and we pledge our commitment towards further contributing to the Governments development objectives by ensuring reliable and affordable electricity as we generate for generations.