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“This is now home, because we are always welcome.”, said Eng. ONYOK on arrival at the Karuma hydro power project site main office block. On Thursday November 7th, 2019, X (number of people)-member team of the Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE), Lira Branch visited the 600MW Karuma Hydropower Project. Led by Eng. Patrick ONYOK – Chairman, UIPE Lira Branch, the team was on a familiarization tour of the country’s largest single construction site. The 600 MW Karuma hydro power project provides a great learning experience to the practicing and future engineers. Since the commencement of works at this site, this is the fourth time the UIPE team has visited the project being unique and complex in scope and design.

A sprouting economy resonates with increased investment in Infrastructure development. In Uganda - for example, most infrastructural developments have been realized through long term loans, that shall be borne by the tax payer. As a result, the role of insurance in securing these prized national assets cannot be more emphasized.

6 out of 6, such a perfect score! On 30th September, 2019, the 600MW Karuma Hydropower Project registered yet another vital milestone when the last of 6 rotors was successfully assembled, lifted and lowered into pit. This function was carried out by the EPCC- Sinohydro Corporation in the presence of Engineers from Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd (Government's Implementing Agency) & AF Consults- Owners Engineer.