Nalubaale Power Station-aerial view from top of the dam. More pictures in photo gallery

Back Ground

The plant formerly called Owen falls dam is located along River Nile. The power plant was renamed Nalubaale Power Station by H.E President Yoweri K. Museveni during the commissioning of KIIRA Power Station in 2000.It was constructed in the early 1950’s and the first three Units were commissioned in 1954 by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. The plant was installed with 10 Kaplan turbines each rated 15MW making a total of 150MW. The cost of the project was £22 million. The rating of the Nalubaale power station is 180 megawatts (MW). Originally it was designed for ten turbines rated at 15 MW each (giving a total of 150 MW). The station was refurbished in the 1990s to repair the accumulated wear from a decade of civil disorder. During the repairs, the output power of the generators was increased.

Operation History
Most of the power from the station was used to supply the surrounding areas of Jinja town which then became the industrial town of Uganda.
The project encountered some challenges during the 1970’s when most of the machines were shut down due to lack of spares. This was attributed to the unstable political situation in the country then and which affected the total output of power generated from the plant.
The plant was refurbished in the early 1990’s to increase the output capacity from 150MW to 180MW. The first unit to be refurbished was U3 and this was commissioned on the 1st May 1991 and the last unit was U5 commissioned on the 1st June 1997. So refurbishment lasted over 7 years for the 10 units.

Current Status

Currently the power station is operated and maintained by Eskom Uganda Limited. 1st of April 2003, UEGCL awarded a 20 year concession to Eskom Uganda Limited to operate and maintain the power station. Modifications are carried out every year on the entire plant to maintain it in a good running state. Some of the works carried out on the plant are;

  • General refurbishment of the water ways, gates, cranes etc
  • Modification of the governor system for 4 units
  • Replacement of the excitation system for 8 units
  • Replacement of the generator transformers
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