UEGCL Board, management and staff visited the Bugungu Afforestation project an environmental community development project .The Afforestation Project located in Bugungu, Kyaggwe, Nyenga Sub County, Buikwe District is an offset project for the construction of the 200MW Kiira Hydro Power Station. The major objective of this project was to compensate for the lost biodiversity at the canal

during the construction of Kiira, then Owen Falls Dam extension Project, but also to protect the soil within the Lake Victoria and River Nile catchment from erosion while preventing siltation. Furthermore, the project would make a significant contribution to reduction of global warming and climate change.

To get the project rolling, UEGCL partnered with a local community based organization Environmental Conservation Agriculture and Tree Planting Initiative Association (ECATPIA), formed as an implementing partner.

Some of the key project achievements registered to date include:

  • Conservation of the environment and replacement of lost environmental services
  • Local community training and empowerment with the skills and knowledge on general environmental awareness.
  • Setting up nursery beds and giving free seedlings to the  communities
  • Establishment of various private tree planting initiatives that have enabled the communities to expand on the initial coverage area as well as widened their source of income from timber sales.
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