Nalubaale HPP

Downstream aerial view of Nalubaale (180MW) Hydropower Plant, commissioned in 1954 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Isimba HPP

Downstream aerial view of Isimba (183MW) Hydropower Plant, in the right foreground is the switchyard.

Isimba Bridge

A night view of the recently commissioned Isimba Public Bridge

Isimba HPP Switchyard

A night view of the Isimba (183MW) Hydropower Plant switch yard.


The Isimba (183MW) Hydropower Plant main office block and main power house by night

Karuma HPP

Located 70M below ground, the Karuma (600MW) Main Power House.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The main hospital theatre at the soon to be commissioned rehabilitated and expanded Masindi Military Hospital as part of the Karuma HPP CSR.

Nyagak III Small HPP

Hon. Simon D'Ujanga – State Minister for Energy (White shirt) and UEGCL Board members handover a dummy cheque worth UGX 60M to Kaal Paidha Umua Chiefdom as compensation for cultural sites at Nyagak III HPP

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UEGCL (Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited) is a body corporate, incorporated under the Companies’ Act (Cap 110), the Laws of Uganda and in conformity with the Electricity Act, 1999. The company was incorporated in March 2001 to operate and maintain the formerly UEB’s Generation Stations at Nalubaale and Kiira Power Stations, and to complete the construction of Kiira Power Station.

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UEGCL offers expert professional services for all types of hydropower development projects from Mini to Large development schemes, low to high head projects, run of the river to storage schemes, surface to subsurface development projects etc.

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